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14th Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival
19-28 June, 2015

19-21 June: Budapest - SÍN Culture Center

23-28 June, Kerecsend - Malompark

Welcome! We are happy you wish to participate in the full festival program!

Here we give you information on the price and payment of the full program and the registration, all other details (Teachers, Location and travel, Participation; Accommodation; Food; Contact) of the Budapest and Kerecsend program can be found on the separate pages.

Price and payment for the whole festival

Extended early registration deadline till the 25th of May!!!!

Early bird: Registered and paid before the 15th of May: 360€
Registered and paid after the 15th of May: 430€
Registration fee (non-refundable): 150€

The full festival fee includes all the programs in Budapest and Kerecsend and the Kerecsend accommodation, daily 3 meals, the entry to the Demjén Thermal Bath and the registration fee of 150€.

Participants, who do not live in Hungary:
Please use PayPal to send money to geszti967@gmail.com
Please be sure to enter the amount in Euro (€). We kindly ask you to cover PayPal's money transfer fee, it helps the Festival organization save money - there's usually an 'I will pay the fee' option you can select. Thanks.

You can also pay the full festival fee at your arrival on the 19th of June at SÍN Culture Center from 3 to 5 pm, if you send us the copy of your travel documents (flight booking details, or copy of your train / bus ticket!)

Look out for the date of your registration. In order to pay the "earlybird" festival fee, you have to send us either the full fee, or the regsitration fee, or send us your travel document BEFORE THE 15TH OF MAY!

In case you have to cancel your participation and you have paid the Full Festival fee, and your cancellation has been sent to us until 2 weeks prior to the begining of the festival (5th of June), we can return your payment with deducting the non-refundable registration fee. The whole amount can be returned to you in case you bring another participant to the festival to replace you.

If your cancellation has been sent to us within two weeks before the festival, the only way to get your payment back is to bring someone to your place.

To register for the whole festival from the 19th to the 28th of June, please fill out the Registration form Full Program and make your intensive choices there for both programs! Thanks!

Travel to Kerecsend after the Budapest weekend

You may arrange your travel to Kerecsend with other festival participants and share a car or take the bus together!

Further questions, please write to festival@kontaktbudapest.hu